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Most useful already learnt skill or competence daily or weekly

w/c 09 March 2015

Cool to work with Funding seeking but the organisation needs to provide proper accountability to apply. The unlimited internet is cool and not constrained and is useful but its not clear if the long term volunteers are going to accept any new contribution or changes.

Previous Community research and work has been useful knowlege but its obvious that the Karpman triangle or Committee tensions will surface particularly as the Community Work Programme wants a proper work ethic – and 36 years working means different work rates etc. It has to be said the Community Association constitution precludes work and paid workers are excepted although it exists to alleviate poverty. Associated Charities renting rooms have similar clauses in their constitutions including those using the CWP.

A change of organisation type would mean funding would need to wait around two years.

No personal renumeration is strange and seems like a move towards a Command economy even if it is not.

Volunteering as an enthusiast is very different from being sent to complete 30 hours work that could be monitored by people who dont have management skills or even where aims and objectives dont match ie finding full time paid work v staying a volunteer.

There are issues that cannot be reconciled unless the organisation has a committment to a proper programme thats documented, just flapsi hapsi (Time Management) isnt ok. There has to be a belief in proper paid employment in the future.

On the plus side there may be some useful networking but the seeming ‘lording it over’ and a missing belief in equality plus a supremacy idea over people without English as a first language is strange. To have English as a first language and Administration skills is deemed strange in the organisation!! It has to be said this does not happen in the Social Services where I’ve been a temporary Exec Secretary and also a temp typing emergency case notes.

The Organisation is one where its involved with languages (not National Curriculum languages) and my CV indicates that my own self employment phase specifically did not include languages and yet other subjects including ict were available as a tutor. My small micro t/a Co would not have survived even if it did include language tutoring; neither non mfl or national curriculum modern foreign languages.

Pleased the DBS is being processed.

Its concerning there may some ulterior reason for the organisations that are involved in this whole process.

If the outcome is to become a reasonably competent funding finder it may be worthwhile – so heres hoping there are some postives. Worried that the Organisation has no backing and the Centre it is working from is similarly compromised.

Some Community initiatives do have sponsors and healthy organisational structures and backing.

Wondering if these organisations are all in existence to raise an individual in the locality to the House of Lords.

A daily and weekly (and ‘project’) workplan is being maintained and documents are shared using the microsoft online outlook system – and email. Online Outlook office supercedes Office 2013 programmes so thats updating competencies too.

Have tasked another volunteer with a linked project.

w/c 02 March 2015

All kinds of peculiar situations designed seemingly to deter proper research for real interview appointments.

The DBS id required went above the Govt requirements.

Signed on and handed over expense proof from the previous week.

Attended a meeting that had questionable legalities for an interim placement.

Attended an interview where the software was no longer supported by microsoft and the interviewer had a strong resemblance to the female singer with Simple Minds due to play in Nottingham on 3 May.

Concerned the NCVS Nottm City Voluntary Service funding from the Council was removed on Tues 03 March and Redundancies will follow and roll on effects over the Community Work Programme.

Skills and Competencies …

Temporary Work experience and insights into various local industries – ability to be flexible.

w/c 23 Feb

Avon Team Leader.

Ability to cope with any situation orĀ  scenario.

LEWRT and Forest Fields Welfare Rights advisor.

Helpful aspects:-

Quite nice to see a kind of working office again, although Charity focused.

w/c 2/3


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