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Problems weekly

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Considering the largest problems encountered weekly or daily.

09 March 2015

A local link bus that needs supporting as it stops outside the Community Centre has no timetable available online and only runs once an hour. Its an improvement and quicker than two buses via the City Centre.

Internet time has to be available for seeking work as well as working for the organisation as stopping at the library after 5.30 makes too long a work day in terms of rsi and carpal tunnel.

Its not possible to take phone calls about full time work opportunities.

Allergy and Health and Safety are a worry as the security for computers means there are locked shutters on all windows and chemicals are used for floor cleaning. Another problem has been raised that connects with smoking and also child issues where information should be reported bu the link organisation do not understand that reporting is normal and reasonable and has to take place as there are vulnerable people. Suggesting reporting anything has been positively discouraged and in a room with its own H&S issues. Its a very difficult tightrope with an enhanced DBS (CRB equiv) held since 2000. On reflection it seems a ‘parents’ view and not the ‘organisation’ view – there is a documented procedure with the organisation running the CWPlacement but not specifically for Admin ‘volunteers’ There may not be such a procedure for H&S and Child or environment issues in the link organisation as yet.

Safeguarding is a really important concept and its not sensible to ignore it, as the long term employment opportunities are in Local Authority Education. On a SWOT basis it feels as if opportunities are determinedly being compromised but that may be through not knowing or because my situation as a qualified but older job seeker has different problems. Hoping its not Aegism or Gender or a focus on sweeping away safeguarding.

02 March 2015

DBS excessive id asked for.

Changing placements, a meeting that took away research and task preparation for a full time job interview.

w/c 23 February

Advance Expenses

Travel Arrangements to a difficult to access venue using public transport

Datatime (cost)

Personal safety without an Employers Personal Accident and life Assurance safety net for accidents.

Balancing job seeking costs and fit for work living expenses – Heating, Food, Utilities for clothes washing etc.

Caused by the deduction of an occupational pension monthly payment from the Job Seeking Allowance – jsa reduced on an ongoing basis by £28 weekly.


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