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A family from Notts that can be traced going back 500 years, with the paternal side from the Kent S Coast, where the focus was Military, Farming and Shop keeping.

Possibly RAF Squadron Leader for Starfish Sites.

Family stories of Working Villages, Farming, Bakery owning and small Shop owning.

The quest for paid work is not a 21st Century one

Personal upbringing Leafy EMids City suburb where Mortgages and 25 years employment to retirement were normal Factories on nearby Industrial Estates.

Access to the City 30mins rush hour, to the M1 similar.

Public Transport and access to other Cities excellent but no electrification to London.

National and International Telecommunications Customer (Companies) Engineering Admin and Quality Maintnance Support.
Finance – Leasing and Credit Control.

Local Authority Education PGCE Teaching.

Self Employed Private Tutor

Direct Sales

Divorcee, Financially Independant Employee small occ pension 36 years Nat Ins Contributions and because of Govt changes now needs to work to Age 67.

Up to date with new technology and the Internet.

Quality ISO Focus.

Mosaic:- Stalwart, Learning and Earning? (Hopefully Earning!)

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