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Is Comm Placement Successful?

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The Analysis isn’t available yet.

It can cause hardship, it can cause ill feeling from the paid employment world as work should be a properly paid activity.

If it is a more successful way of finding Paid Employment than sending applications in much the same way as a musician for example or an actor might find paid work, or a specialist consultant in Engineering or another sphere perhaps we as a team hoping for the best for each one of us can await proper analysis.  There is a concept in Marketing where individuals with problems that need solutions with potential criteria A-G never look outside A-C!

Who can participate?

Wiki Info (Wiki info always needs verification)



TUC Homepage link


Traditionally Trade Unions only worry about people in work.  Folk working unpaid could be sanctioned by Branches which could affect future working with Colleagues. It must be said however that unless Representatives receive Commission, they are working for their Union on an unpaid basis. Traditionally only the Union Branch Officials receive a small renumeration. Pluralist Companies often employ elected trade union liaison officers under a Procedure Agreement system.


An example of a Uni Placement set of info (not Community Work Placements)

Nottingham Trent Uni link



The Keep Volunteering Voluntary weblink




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