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Love ‘In a Nutshell’ topic-subject books

Like being an OK word in the days of Social Media!

Like Biographies

Like Text Books

Like the UK

Like Scotland

Never been to Ireland.

Like Blogs and Blogging and Soc Media

Like Crafts, Embroidey, Basic Knitting, Digital Art

Like Photography

Like Cooking

Like Perfume and its history, like the big fashion houses but dont follow trends.

Love Swimming particulary Sea Swimming.

Quizes – brill Gen Knowledge, hopeless Gossip.

Like collecting info and being up to date, Alternative Complimentary Health, RSI, Carpal Tunnel disabilities. Allergies.

Allergic, Physically Intolerant of Chemicals – not brill with cl drinking water.

Adverse to Chemical household, workplace cleaning products
Soap (not tv kind) ok – much more effective.

Like the EMids Counties and walking Greenspace

Like Rock Music, Crinkly rock bands, Festies when the Sun is shining, Elec and Acoustic guitar music. Sometimes Classical.

A product of the 1970s!

Rave info – Glastonbury Festie (a sunshiny year) about 1999. Stonehenge Spring Solstice ’89 – known for being Network Woman (QA Plessey Telecommunications Ltd GPT Ltd and Siemens Telecoms – thats Private Ltd Co Telecoms UK and International dedicated Networks ) Apex-GMB CEC, EMids Ind Tribunals lay member 91-95, as well as being DilyDaydream Farmer.

Enhanced CRB 2000 to 2007, need an update DRB for 2015.

Churchy CofE upbringing.

Like Heritage, Architecture (old more than Modern but still interested particularly Community and Green focus)

Built and Green Environment

Want a sustainable world without too much Elitism.

Sad Londoners have to divide family houses into flats – Flats should be built as Flats!

Like Family life people in all their quirks and colours, like Ordinary.

Like Education.

Am a fast learner, a bit of a Geek, friendly. Need Specs distance and varifocals.

Need a laptop style keyboard and mouse for Computing (everyone does really).

Like people to have fun and laugh lots esp families – money cant be the top social criteria. Basic needs should be met by Govt bringing in paid living wage Employment or providing a Safety Net. There is enough will and funds with proper planning to work Dignity out for folk.

Like Prosperity for Team UK

Like Sustainable Prosperity for the world

Like following Sport.

Had Players Tobacco Co paying £1M excise duty every day all year just down the road as a Child and 24/7 345 factories nearby.


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