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Flow Diagrams

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Coming shortly – planning the balance of keyboard hand use for document making is key.

Job Seeking




Working with Microsoft Office on a PC at home or on a computer WITH NO MICROSOFT OFFICE?

This is a scenario that is designed to drive people crazy. If at all possible stick to the online application sites and just download files to work on your own computer or in the library where they do have Microsoft Office.

Alternatively if there is no alternative …. The following info applies.

This means you can’t read microsoft word documents on a usb stick – the only way to read them is to send them as an attachment to your own email address (Googlemail is the easiest to open and read documents!)


Create an Email address in Outlook – Verify it and then choose the Outlook online Word Documents (this wont have as many features as Word on the pc)  Documents can be read in Google online but not created.

If you are able to download files An alternative is to download AdShampoo which is similar to Microsoft Word and is around £10 if Microsoft Word is too expensive.  The problem with this is your Prospective Employer will not be able to read your document if you send it by email.  Its ok to make notes in for example for Additional Notes on the Application Forms – similarly so is Notepad.

Check the process if you have to work with both systems


flow diag





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