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Community, Social Services, Charity or Private Sector

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Opportunities to peek into the Social Service, and small Charity ‘world’ maybe – but there are many types of organisation each with different aims and objectives

Non Profit

The ‘big’ Charities , Membership and Volunteering

National and International

Hepling others, Oxfam, Save the Children


St Johns Ambulance, Red Cross

The ‘bigger still’ Charities – eg Arts and English Heritage

The Church or Other Religious focus

Food Banks maybe…

The Private Sector and Profit
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary and Quinary

Public Limited Companies
National and International
Shares on the Stock Exchange

Private Limited Companies
Limited by shares


Sole Traders


and their Community involvement social conscience projects.

The ‘new’ inbetween non profit and profit focus (Transitionary? Aiming for Profit?) Charities


Incorporated Charities

(some community projects)

Grant Funded Projects
UK Govt, Euro Govt, Research

Aid (Big Lottery) Funded Projects

University Projects

For the Community Placement folk it may be important to be able to know the sector the project-placement is in.


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