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The Church of England sent an open letter to the people of the UK about the election and Community


It goes without saying that other Religions are tolerated in the UK (that’s not freedom it’s Tolerance) and these other Religions may not have the same core concepts. Students in Schools in the UK are taught in a logical non mystical and rational way about Beliefs and Religions other than the CofE (Secular Education where Tolerance and Information is allowed).

UK ‘subjects’ (Citizens) are allowed to separate Church Belief and ordinary life. (Info:- Being secular eg in some Religions things like bathing and eating are sacraments and in Religious Schools for example these things are Religious activities and are non secular).

As the UK doesn’t have a written Constitution its not possible to quote any info to question Religious input into Politics whereas in the USA it is possible to quote Amendments to their Constitution.

The UK is however steeped in the CofE Religion as the Establishment Religion.

This letter from such Eminent people is obviously highly respected.


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