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& more info from 2010

‘We’ – my Avatars and I, started this online home journey of virtual ordinaryness in 1997 with Microsoft Office and Compuserve for emails plus finding the original Stumble Upon … despite having the equivalent of the Internet my-our desk at work since 1974 – and testing the first UK Word Processor for Plessey in 1983-4!

Lots of lovely info and online ‘stuff’ has evolved since – and hey, we ‘got’ Facebook too!

DilyDaydream’s Breathing Spaces: Autumn

and Instagram, and Snapchat etc etc!


Going round in circles – Wimbledon looking back week!

Harking back and realising just how much we can find ourselves going round in circles, without the Tournament or the Prize Money!


Like some Maypole Dancing Weaving

Check this Blogring concept!


Is found at:- until the link is updated!



Evolving2015 diaries the Community Work Programme

Broochesandwork collects interview info and work info

Q50Nottm collects info for 50+

Simple. ish.

Me time for Trade women and Lady Wives and Ladies (& family folk) has to be planned and must include our own health concepts!!

Finding Employment – back to work

Peripheral work and Out of Work inbetween can just be a miserable spiral.

Hoping its all OK and works out.

Sadly the Community Work Placement could have paid the Rent and living expenses.

Check the next phase …


Rescued by a part time contract

Hoping its not temporary

Impartial Info

The info on this blog is being created so others in a similar situation can be informed. All CWP people are just job seekers with their own cv and background and each organisation and link organisation work to varying criteria in difficult circumstances. If there wasn’t a situation of Unemployment in the UK these volunteer programmes would not be necessary.

See the ONS links for facts.

Strange Week

Working for no renumeration or a system that seems a Command Economy goes against ordinary thinking.

Another week will provide greater insights.

All todays Posts are summed up in the word Secretarial

It can mean in charge of a State.

Awful Silences – Blue-White-Pink-Land Collars? Etiquette, Faux-Pas

The penalties for not knowing the ‘in-crowd’ ‘rules’ ‘manners’

The Silences when the ‘in-crowd’ judge the severity of the outcomes…

We don’t understand Penance for example, or how the Mass goes…

Or Evangelical ways

C of E isn’t particularly forgiving, but it allows Secular.

Demarcation was absolute, until Council Tax (The Rates then) included paying for Secondary Education.

County v City

Different Cultures and Classes.

Reform used to mean making legal improvements in conditions and voting franchise.

NB Don’t underestimate The Car ‘per se’ as an Incentive

For Happy Family life.

Then it goes ‘he’ has a Company Car. Its wtitten into any Redundancy package to buy cheap – to stop it being driven badly.