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It Seems at the present time, as Companies have downsized for so long they have forgotten some criteria about creating new openings  – it may be they are now looking to try to grow again in different ways to meet different needs, or even meet funding criteria for Community involvement and so they look for people to work with the Community Placement Scheme; this means ‘recruitment’ is happening and yet it’s not necessarily able to fulfill all the old Personnel or HR criteria before inviting new Community Placement people along.

Having an invitee who isn’t on the payroll highlights some Insurance, Assurance, Health and Safety and other issues more likely to be covered by memberships and enthusiast volunteer organisations.

Even in Facilities Management and Agency work there are old systems that are being changed beyond recognition.

Community Placement is full of assumptions and concepts that perhaps are from idealised thinking – meaning for example who on earth would be able to cope with working for no pay when they are in most need?  A simple question and without an answer for those not in that particular situation.

A qualification at the end of a Placement may be a good solution, and Edexcel BTEC qualifications have three different levels and come with lots of different areas and focus. A day in College would be a contribution towards the ‘All students must be in Education to age 18! Older Placement folk may need new areas of expertise!

This isn’t how the Community Placement works at present but it gives a flavour of what it’s about.

Community Placement can cross so many boundaries, and yet the Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities (SWOT) when weighed up just might lead to a balance that is in an individuals favour.  Companies want to expand particularly those in the Charity Sector – but how do they do so without crossing the profit or business restrictions. Similarly the Councils who are facing enormous cuts – and then there is the problem of the Employment Law and regular hours or expenses etc.

This blog wants to really leave out the big theoretical questions at this stage – and just go with the flow and record how the process works and a few comments and insights along the way.

It’s here for the folk who are not familiar with how many times in our lives us ‘oldies’ have contributed to organisations without necessarily receiving payment or renumeration and wants to smooth the way for younger folk to be confident that all is not going to be lost by thinking in terms of Community.

After all Women know just how much unpaid work in the world is contributed day in day out – without any payment!



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